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Of Mice and Men Webquest

Soon, we will begin reading the novel Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. To help understand where and when the novel takes place, today you are doing an investigation. Below are several websites about the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, migrant workers, and Steinbeck himself. There are also links comparing the Great Depression to our Great Recession. Dig into these resources! Choose at least two in each category. Then answer the following questions in your journal. You have the block to complete this.

Great Depression:
Great Depression Overview
PBS Great Depression Timeline
Suffering America ABC-CLIO American History database article
Great Depression views from Forbes

Dust Bowl
Of Mice and Men historical context Gale Student Resources database article (you might need to open this database first)
Dust Bowl from National Endowment for the Arts The Big Read
Photo Essay Pay special attention to the photos taken in California
Farmers: Depressed since the 1920s ABC-CLIO article

Migrant Workers
Migrant Workers from NEA The Big Read
Food Workers Strikes Scroll down and begin at the Salinas Strikes
Dorothea Lange Photographer who captured the images of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression
John Steinbeck Biography of the author - Facts on File database article

Great Depression vs Great Recession

Similarities and Differences
Comparison Chart

Journal Questions

  1. What were some of the causes of the Great Depression?
  2. What caused the Dust Bowl? How did that affect California?
  3. What is the life of a migrant worker like?
  4. How does the Great Depression compare to the current Great Recession? Give specific examples.
  5. How did the links from these pages help you visualize the topics you’re researching? Be specific.
  6. Taking all these questions into consideration, what is your conception of what life would be like on a work farm in California in the 1930’s?